Taking Care of Me Series

Join us for all or any of the upcoming free workshops conveniently scheduled so you can attend on your own time in order to take care of what is most important to you - your health, wellness, relationships, family and career. Available to VCH employees only, these hands-on, interactive sessions are based on current knowledge, provided by topic experts, and designed for maximum impact for busy lives.

*These workshops are available upon Manager request.

Health & Wellness

Stress Less: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Busy People - Updated

What are your early warning signs of stress? What about the later signs of stress? Join us for this hands-on session using the latest research and understanding of mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to start experiencing a more stress free life. Increase your awareness of your early warning signs of stress and learn the mindfulness tools to stop them from becoming full blown stress response symptoms. You will also learn:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • techniques to develop a calm, relaxed and focused mind
  • how to create a daily mindfulness practice

Relationships and Family

Financial Literacy 101 - Updated

Learn basic money management principles to help get your financial house in order.  You will learn the 3 basic pillars of savings and retirement planning, how your benefits work, how to get out of debt and reduce taxes.

Retirement Readiness & Pensions - Updated

In this session, we will tackle whether or not you should have an RRSP or TFSA if you already have a pension.  We will also look at the landscape of available investment vehicles that are eligible for the RRSP and TFSA programs. We will end the workshop with a global economic update and outlook for 2015.

Can I Ever Buy a Home in Vancouver? - Updated

This session focuses on whether you should buy or rent a home in the lower mainland based on your financial circumstances. Learn how to get your financial house in order and effectively budget your income and develop realistic financial goals and expectations for you and your family.

Wills, Estates & Family Law - Updated

This workshop focuses on how to make sure your Wills, Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements will be valid when you and your family need them the most. We will also introduce the new Family Law Act and key issues related to divorce, separation, and division of assets, cohabitation agreements and child/spousal support.

Financial Resiliency After Separation - Updated

This session will cover best practices for getting back on track financially after the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.  Learn the 5 must-do steps to achieve financial stability and clarity in order to manage your new “normal”.  You will learn skills to rebuild and pay off credit, purchase real estate, understand your pension and investments and lastly, wills and estate planning.


The EQ Effect: Using Emotional Intelligence for Effective Conversations - Updated

Understanding the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and the ability to manage relationships – leads to greater ease and success in tackling difficult conversations, behaviour and personalities.   This session will teach you how to increase your ability to be self-aware of your own emotions and self-regulate your response to your emotions. It will also teach you to increase your ability to recognize the emotional states of others and respond effectively. The session includes an informal assessment to better understand EQ and hands-on activities to improve this critical success quotient.

Combating Compassion Fatigue: Conscious Caregiving, Understanding, Reducing & Preventing Compassion Fatigue - Updated

Helping others puts you in direct contact with other people’s lives. As you probably have experienced, your compassion for those you help has both positive and negative aspects. This session begins with a Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Self-Test to help you estimate your compassion status: How at risk are you of experiencing Compassion Fatigue? This session will teach you the difference between Compassion Fatigue and Burnout, Compassion Fatigue's Relationship to Stress, some of the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, as well as the tools necessary to reduce and prevent the negative effects of Compassion Fatigue.

Handle With Care: Understanding Your Role in Conflict - Updated

Conflict is a normal part of everyday life, and in complex environments like healthcare, inevitable. However, many of us have never learned how to prevent it, keep it from escalating or to manage it when it does develop. In this session you will learn the basics of how to:

  • Define conflict and understand the impact it has on organizations, individuals and teams.
  • Recognize the sources and levels of workplace conflict.
  • Identify your own personal assumptions and beliefs about conflict and appreciate how those assumptions influence your personal response to conflict.
  • Understand the differences between positions and interests.
  • Learn a model to manage conflict more effectively within the workplace.

How to Deal With Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace - Updated

This education session outlines what is expected from everyone involved at VCH with regards to the Respectful Workplace Policy.  The definition of discrimination, harassment, bullying and workplace incivility is provided, and participants are taught how to confront disrespectful behavior, what to say when it happens, and what to do if you want more help.

  • How can YOU contribute to a respectful workplace? 
  • Learn role specific responsibilities and consequences for violating the Respectful Workplace policy.
  • What is workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination?
  • Learn communication tools/strategies to confront disrespectful behavior.
  • Learn how to reach out for help and report incidents.

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills - Updated

Come to the next Resume Writing and Interview Skills course to learn how to showcase your unique strengths and capabilities when applying to positions. You only have one chance to make a good first impression - make sure that it is a good one! Let us help you answer "affirmative" to the following:

  • Is your resume ready?
  • Is it comprehensive and relevant?
  • Does it show all of your education and experience?
  • Are you prepared for the interview?